Hello world

Hello to anyone who has stumbled onto my first blog. I would like to inform you that… I like to…no let’s  start over…I LOVE to write. For years I have had this obsession about buying notebooks. I loved holding that empty book in my hands, seeing those empty lines, imagining wonderful stories that I would write. But I would begin by writing a journal and as seeing my life just wasn’t too exciting…yup, I stopped writing. Those empty pages either remained empty, became scribble pages or were used for shopping lists or to jot down a recipe.

Now I always wanted to start out my writing with the statement ” I think too much” because I really do you know. I am thinking inside my head 24 hours a day! From the moment I wake to the moment I fall or can’t fall asleep. I rehearse conversations over and over. I plan my day. I wonder what will happen next on my favorite show. I worry how I will pay my bills and of course pray and talk to God. Sometimes I wish I could turn it off!

But anyway,  My opening statement today has to be… I AM BORED TO TEARS!

Let me explain. I had surgery 4 days ago to have my left knee replaced. It all went well and I am feeling pretty good considering I now have 2  bionic knees. Anyway, I  spent 3 days in the hospital reading or watching tv in between trying to walk and stretching out my knee again. I’m so glad I could come home and not stay for more therapy because you just don’t rest in a hospital. The lady across the hall had a bad reaction to her meds I think and fell in the middle of the night. Plus another lady down the hall was having problems. Loud ones. The nurses and techs were running up and down the hall and I was praying everyone was all right. An hour or so later when I finally fell asleep…yup…they came in and woke me up to take my vitals! On top of it all, according to them, my veins are very little and they couldn’t find one! Needless to say I’m black and blue… both arms. I have to say though every nurse and tech couldn’t do enough for me. Except let me sleep!

So now I’m home. I have raced up and down our hallway with my walker more times than I can count, did my exercises like a good patient, finished a book, started a new one, spoke on the phone a few times with my daughter, wrote some emails, played my games on my Kindle AND now I’m bored. Hence the new blog. LOL how do you write a blog?

Perhaps next time I will ponder the world’s problems. Who is better to vote for? Hillary or Trump? Who would I like to run for president? Captain Jack Sparrow would be fun. He could be our first pirate president.

Or maybe I’ll work on a romantic suspense …it was a dark and stormy night…Priscilla stood hidden in the corn field. The breeze made the stalks move causing them to make an eerie noise and the leaves itched her cheeks. Was something crawling up her leg? She could hear footsteps, were they coming closer? She knew he was out there somewhere, following her. LOL who names their heroine Priscilla???

Or maybe I’ll just blab about how great my physical therapy went! I’m sure that would be just Devine! ” ok now that you bent you knee as far as it can go that way…try bending it THAT way!”

Did you know redwood trees can  grow up to 350 feet? But their roots are only 6-12 feet deep? Wow! You would think the first strong wind they would fall over! Not so. Know why? They intertwine their roots with other neighborhooding trees! I just read that. So this proves that we as individuals should always rely on others to help keep us strong to stand up during tough times.  Like in church, we are there for each other and in every day life we should strengthen each other. but.. we cannot do that when we  are divided. We can’t do it when we hate each other, or are afraid of each other.We need to intertwine our lives as God’s children together so we can strengthen each other.  We are the same people! When will we realize it?

Oh well…TA-TA for now.





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