Women are the weaker sex?

The age old argument…who is the strongest sex? I’ m not a feminist that’s for sure. I love when a guy holds a door open for me or pulls a chair out. But hey,  don’t tell me that we are weaker just because we are women.

I once gave up on reading the Bible because of how the women were treated. It makes me mad to see how some women are treated, abused in today’s society yet!  Yet I don’t like the powerful pushy women.

My mother and I always wind up ” discussing” this in our chats. Yes, the garbage needs to be taken out…who does it? Either her or I. Hey, it snowed a ton today…who plows and who uses the shovel?  The man uses the plow or snow blower while the women uses the shovel. A man and women are working in a yard who uses the tractor and who is on her hands and knees? Oops, gave that one away. LOL although I admit I’m sure there are instances where this could be the other way around…but just let me rant. I’m sure if you are a woman you have your little quirks that bug you and if your a man…sorry don’t take it personally. 🙂

I went to PT for the first time yesterday, they took the dressing off my incision. Looks like a mini railroad track going down my knee. Physician ast.said it looked beautiful! I have to say I did pretty dang good too with all the bending and pulling. I looked around and saw so many strong women working to get back into the swing of things again. Then I looked around and noticed everyone working in that huge room was a woman! Not a man in sight except a few patients. Way to go girls!

My daughter called , she and her BF went tubing on the river. She cut her leg, when was the last time she had a tetanus shot? I keep thinking of the girl who got a flesh eating bacteria in a river.       I’m divorced and have been living with my parents for years, I now am glad I never moved out because spending all this time home with my mother who is now 78 I think, I see how she is changing. She’s forgetting things. I worry about her.     My son has a 7 month old daughter, they took her on a boat this weekend…omg will she get sunburn? Fall overboard?     So much is going on at work, i’m so busy, others need to do my work because I’m out for the next couple weeks.  Get my drift? Women have a ton of stuff to worry about and hey, we roll with punches just like the good old boys do.

One  thing I want to say is our Pastor actually apologized to the women in our congregation once during his sermon about how women are treated because they are women. I like him. He’s cool. He reminds us…ME, every week that we are all God’s children and that no matter what HE (God) loves us.

I was really down and depressed yesterday, even after having a great morning. I even had a bout of some tears too. Yet I stop and think about how God made us, women AND men HE wants us to know that with His help we can do anything. Didn’t Jesus say with faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move a mountain? Matthew 17:20…I love Google. I also love that verse, makes me think of so many things we could accomplish with that tiny mustard seed of faith. I wish I could fly over the world and drop a seed one for each person! See what would grow.

Oh, just to let you know…I did read the Bible thru and had a great time sharing my thoughts with some others in my church. I guess all is good right now. I’m smiling, bending my bionic knee and thanking God that HE made me so strong.

Thanks for reading! And have a great day!


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