Come On Down! You’re the Next Contestant on the Price Is Right!

I love my parents, I always thought they were really cool parents. A lot of kids I grew up with had older parents, mine were young. They did things with us. But being home now recovering from knee surgery has me thinking … what happened to those cool parents?

They HAVE to watch the Price Is Right! I’m sure it’s a neat show, it’s been around for ages and everyone on the show has so much fun. My parents have so much fun, trying to figure out the prices and predict who the winner will be. But for some reason that show bugs me. I sneak away into another room and do anything to drown out the cheers.

But last night as I lay in my bed …thinking…I do too much of that. I thought of another price that was right. Years and years ago.

There was a cross, a crown of thorns. Torture, suffering, weeping and death. The Lord, our Father in Heaven, bought us for the Price of His son’s life. The highest price anyone could ever pay. And for what? For me you say???!!

How could someone give their life for someone who wasn’t even thought of at the time??? They say HE did it because HE loves us. But I don’t understand, HE didn’t even know me.

How do I  deserve this gift? I know I was a pretty good child growing up, I didn’t really want to go to Sunday school and as a teenager after I was confirmed I did not want to go to church.I live a good life now, but what makes me so special to HIM that HE would do that for me?

I just can’t fathom it. And maybe I never will. But I know that when I walk up front to take that bread and wine every Sunday, I feel loved. When I hold my granddaughter and she smiles at me…I feel love. When I sit outside enjoying the quiet of our back yard, I feel love. I feel peace, I feel an ocean of thanksgiving bubbling up inside me. I can’t ever begin to thank HIM or repay HIM for that price HE paid.

Yet, why is it that  I feel these  things when I am happy, when things are going great? Why can’t I feel HIS smile, HIS arms around me when I feel so down, alone or afraid?

Why do I tear up hearing our Pastor speak about the Lord’s love for us and how HE is always there for us no matter what? Yet I wonder as I say my prayers “are you listening Lord”?

Then I end up feeling guilty that I feel that way when I know I am HIS child and HE has done this not only for me but for millions of others.

I guess I’m just human, I’m made that way. I do know you’re there God and I thank you with all my might. But please let me ask of you to let me never forget that HIS price is always right.


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