Not All Who Wander Are Lost

My one niece who graduated from college decorated her cap with that saying. She has visited, studyed and now taught in so many countries it makes my head spin. France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, I don’t know I might have forgot some!   But I have watched thru her eyes all the wonderful places she has been to, all the people she has met, the wonder and the smiles on her beautiful face. The buildings, the art… her love of life.

And I ponder what happened to my life? Did I waste it? I wanted to go to college for art right after school. But I was quiet and shy. I was afraid. I got a portfolio together, yet somehow missed the due date. I got a job in a blouse mill. I met some one and married. I had 2 wonderful children. I had to get divorced.

I then moved back in with my parents so they could watch my children while I worked. It seemed the years just flew by. My children grew up and have moved out. I have another job. I work, I attend a wonderful church where I am involved in a few committees. I love helping others. I love my family, my friends, the people at my church. Yet, I feel what is my purpose?

My phrase would probably be…I am lost so I wander!

I know unless I would win the lotto, or marry some really rich dude, I will never see all the places that my niece has. I’m lucky my parents took me all over most of the United States when I was growing up.

I am also thankful for all I have, for all that God has given me over the years. When I was married, living with someone on cocaine, God saw that my babies and I were safe, that we had food to eat and a warm place to stay.

I’m thankful for my job that I have had for 16years now although I just manage to make my bills…I make them. I have a nice car, bought it new. Good health insurance … I have 2 bionic knees and had weight loss surgery. I feel pretty good.

Did I love my kids enough, spend enough time with them as they grew? I had to work. They are both wonderful hard working, caring adults. We had many hard times, yet many times God kept us safe and got us through.

I could go on and on, but my Kindle is running down. I just wish I could feel God’s arm around my shoulders and hear Him whisper…I have a plan for you Sherry and you are going to do this….

Maybe I should think on this, pray and listen for His voice. What is your plan Lord? Here I am, let me wander in your footsteps. Guide my wanderings. So I no longer feel lost.


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