I Was a Walking Dead Fan

Was a fan. I am not any more as of last night at 9:45.

Okay I knew it was a pretty violent show I mean heck you HAVE to kill zombies right?

But at the end of last season this guy who since I became a fan almost 2 seasons ago I had no idea who he was…he killed someone with a barbed wired baseball bat. I was so into the characters I HAD to watch to find out who it was. And I hoped it wasn’t  my favorite and may be he didn’t kill him…maybe he just hit him.

Well he not only hit him…he kept hitting the character over and over.  You didn’t see the blows but you saw the results to the guy’s head And the blood flying! Then he did the same to another guy!

This man, Negan I guess his name is taunted the main character until he broke his spirit then tried to make him hack his son’s arm off with an ax!

By this time I was actually shaking, my heart pounded and I was  almost in tears. I thought…I call myself a Christian, I love life, I hate violence. There is too much violence in this world in real life I just can’t watch it on tv. Even though it’s just tv and not real.

Closing my eyes while a pretend zombie is killed is pretty bad, but I just can’t condone killing people so brutally! Even if it’s JUST t.v. and so much hate. There is enough of that in the world too.

So sorry to say walking dead writers…you lost a viewer.